If you missed it - no problem. Badass Mentoring will open again!

Taking Your Guitar Playing From ASS – To BADASS!

  • Receive Personalised, Focused Attention that Targets Your Specific Problem Areas
  • Get Over Your Playing Obstacles
  • Rediscover Your Motivation
  • Know What to Focus on
  • Tailored to Your Abilities and Goals
  • Receive Technical Guidance
  • Your Questions Answered
  • Tried and Tested Methods that Work
  • Fits Around Your Schedule
  • Learn from any Time Zone, Anywhere in the World
  • Progress in Easy, Manageable Steps
  • The Lessons are Yours to Keep 
Please get in touch here to register for a place in Badass Mentoring!


In Badass Mentoring, all you have to do is send me a video.
I take my time to go through your playing in detail and pinpoint all problem areas and then present you with a personal video response with detailed focus on what you need to improve.
This is a perfect solution for helping you overcome obstacles with your technique and it’s tailored to you.
Imagine one of my Youtube videos that covers a particular detail about technique, but this time it’s all about you and your guitar playing.

You may be surprised to know that students are finding the video mentoring even better than Skype lessons.

It might have something to do with the fact that it’s more focused. There’s no off-topic distractions that you often get in a traditional lesson.
There’s also the fact that it fits around your life. You don’t have to be in a certain place at a certain time.
You’ll get FREE access to any of my Badass Courses that are appropriate to your problem areas!

You’ll get feedback in my video response as well as demonstrations, text lesson notes, tab and email support during the mentoring process!

You might find you just need one session. You also might decide to have another session or more. It’s geared up that way, so you can take what you need, when you need it.

The first session of Badass Mentoring is the most detailed part, where I get to know you and your playing.

Future sessions can also be booked. Just come back to me whenever you want with another video.

No subscriptions, no financial commitment, no pressure.


If you missed it - no problem. Badass Mentoring will open again!