I’m really quite Shocked to realise there are some GIGANTIC Holes in most people’s guitar technique.

And they’re often the same, recurring problems.

The worst part is that nobody realises they have these problems until I point them out.  

This means that if you never get the chance to show me your guitar playing, then you might stumble on for 5, 10 years or more with the same problems.  

Getting the pick caught when trying to pick across strings...

Losing hand synchronisation whenever you try to speed up...

Feeling too old to build speed anymore...

Not knowing ‘how’ to practice or ‘what’ to practice...

Practice feels more like an obligation – a routine to force yourself through ...  

I’ve come to see that people need me to help them through these things.  

The proof of this is in the Massive Transformations of people’s guitar technique after just 9 days in the recent FREE Speed Accelerator Workshop. This is proof that you cannot replace the benefits of having me actually observe what you’re doing and help you correct it there and then.
It was an amazing experience to be able to work with other guitar players and see the massive results they were getting.

The trouble is, I physically cannot be there for everybody, even though I want to help everyone who I see struggling with poor technique.  

The closest thing to being there to guide you in person is a New Mentoring Program that I’ve put together. 

The Castle Higgy Bulletproof Technique Program is a 6 Month interactive course that will take apart your Alternate Picking, Legato, Sweep Picking and Economy Picking techniques and Rebuild them from the Ground up so they’re Stronger than Ever!

So that they’re BULLETPROOF!

The foundation of all technical guitar playing comes from those techniques.
Whether it’s rock, metal, blues, jazz or country… you need to be able to pick without losing alternating strokes, you need to know how to sweep through an arpeggio or a short lick whether it’s shred or gypsy jazz.

You need to have hammer-ons and pull-offs that stay in time and don’t lose coordination even if you’re playing the blues. These techniques are found in everything.

That’s why I’ve called this program ‘Bulletproof Technique’ – because if you have a foundation like that, there’s nothing you can’t go on to achieve.  

If you want to learn that favourite 80’s solo that’s been out of your grasp by 20bpm for the last 10 years then this program will give you those skills to do that.  

But before we go any further, I want to warn you. This isn’t for everybody!  

I never do anything by the book. So you can rest assured this isn’t going to be your typical, boring, straight laced guitar course.  

The Castle Higgy Bulletproof Technique Program is going to bring you into a different world. 

There’s going to be Weapon Upgrades, Armour Upgrades, Magic Donuts, Wizards… as True Knights of Castle Higgy you’re even going to take over enemy fortresses and expand The Castle Higgy Empire!  

And because nothing in the world of Castle Higgy is ‘normal’ this 6 Month bad boy is divided into Four Modules with Epic names like:

WAVES OF POSEIDON – Here we’re going to build up your legato abilities so your fingers flow across the neck like water!
FLAMES OF VULCAN – Here we will craft your alternate picking as if it were forged in the flames of the Roman fire god himself!
WRATH OF ARES – Here we will craft your Sweep Picking abilities so you sweep away everything in your path like the God of War!

SPEAR OF ATHENA – The Goddess of Strategy will guide your hands as you slice the most direct route through your runs with Economy Picking!

As I said, this isn’t for everybody. I don’t teach complainers or those with 3 second attention spans who want everything done for them. Castle Higgy only opens its gates for those who are worthy.

  Whilst I want to help anybody who I see struggling… if they don’t want to do what it takes, then there’s nothing I can do for them.  

But if you’re somebody who has any of the problems I mentioned earlier, and you actually want to fix them, not just complain about them, then I’m looking right at you.  

So how does the course work?  

Each week we focus on a particular area of study to craft your technique into an Impenetrable Fortress just like Castle Higgy itself!

This material is delivered via online streaming. So if you already have any of my courses in streaming format, you’ll be familiar with how it’s delivered.  

But the real Special Sauce, the Meat, the Treasure, the Gold… is our own Private Facebook group where you will get to share your video progress with me and get Personal Guidance on how to craft your technique. This is the Killer Ingredient in transforming your guitar playing.  

You’ll be getting my undivided attention so I’ll be telling you When, Where, How, What and Why! #IntelGains  

You can see just a few comments below from the True Knights who have been through the Bulletproof Technique Program. So, imagine what YOU can do in 6 Months.
And if you missed out on the Speed Accelerator workshop then you’ll get another chance to find out what the fuss was all about because the 9 Performance Boosters Videos are included in this Program as well.  

But… and this is a BIG, Fat Butt… places for this program are LIMITED. Once they’re gone, they’re GONE!  

The Castle Higgy Bulletproof Technique Program will be starting again in September! So if you're serious about making Legendary Guitar Gains, sign up to my newsletter and you'll be the first to find out when the program opens again!

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