My name is Ben Higgins and I’m a UK based guitarist, teacher, composer and author. I’ve been playing guitar since the age of ten and when I’m not releasing outrageous guitar videos like ’101 Shredders in One Solo’ on Youtube I devote my energy to helping other guitar players achieve their goals and overcome their technical obstacles.

‘You ROCK!’ – Michael Angelo Batio

'Great player' - Vinnie Moore

The demand for my knowledge and advice led me to create my ‘Badass’ series of downloadable courses.  I know what technical corrections and motions are needed to play whatever I want to on the guitar, which allows me to emulate the styles of the world’s greatest guitarists. I’ve had my work featured in Guitar World, I was among a privileged few to record licks for two Jason Becker fundraisers, my work has been appreciated by the greatest guitarists in the world and I continue to connect with new audiences to help deliver my teaching skills to them.


What is the one thing many guitarists lose along their journey? What is one of the biggest things that stops us from progressing? 

This is no how-to manual. This is a psychological smack-down, delivering concise advice aimed at cutting through the fog of indecision to hone in on what makes you special as a guitarist. With humour and vulgar analogies peppered throughout, come on a rapid, hilarious, eye opening journey to uncover your unique strengths and allow the enjoyment back into your guitarplaying!

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