1. You want to be able to play faster but don’t know how

You will almost certainly have a hand synchronisation problem. The first step is sorting out your picking technique, then your legato technique and then putting it all together. You need: Badass Alternate Picking, Badass Inside Picking, Legato Gym and Badass Hand Synchronisation

2. You want to play your favourite solos but can’t

This will be a limitation with your technique as well. If you have an insufficient picking technique, weak fingers or bad hand synchronisation then learning a solo is a losing cause until you get these issues fixed.

The only solution is to sort your technique out so you can tackle these solos. Badass Alternate Picking, Legato Gym, Badass Hand Synchronisation should be your go to courses.

If you’re wanting to play like neo classical guitar heroes such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker etc then you need to develop something called sweep picking. This is explained clearly and directly in my course, Badass Sweep Picking.

3. You don’t understand why you don’t ‘sound’ as good as other guitarists

You might have some fundamental skills but your technique could be more accurate. Maybe you’re accidentally hitting extra strings when you play picking runs. Maybe your hand synchronisation is making your playing sound sloppy. You might not also be aware that having a good vibrato and accurate bending technique are absolutely essential to sounding like a great guitarist.

Aside from the previously mentioned courses, grab yourself Badass String Bending and Badass Vibrato. If the other techniques make up your vehicle, than vibrato and bending is the paintwork.

4. You feel unmotivated and close to giving up

You’ve probably tried many different things but never got truly good at any of them. This happens when you don’t have a concrete goal to focus on. You need to go back to the basics of a good picking technique, strong legato and accurate hand synchronisation before attempting anything else. Unfocused, half-hearted practice is nothing to get excited about which is why you feel unmotivated. You’re not getting results. Fixing your technique will change things around for you.

By now you’re getting the message. Fix your picking, fix your weak fingers. Badass Alternate Picking, Badass Inside Picking, Badass Hand Synchronisation and Legato Gym give you the physical base for developing speed and dexterity. Badass Sweep Picking and Badass Economy Picking give you exciting abilities that are like a turbo charge to your basic skills.

Badass Vibrato and Badass String Bending give you class and make you sound like a pro, rather than an amateur. This is how you get that ‘feel’ that people always talk about.

5. You would like to play in a band or with other people but don’t feel good enough

Having a solid foundation of all the basic lead guitar techniques like alternate picking, legato, sweep picking, bending and vibrato will give you the confidence to learn songs, solos and to start jamming with other players. Confidence doesn’t come until you have competence.

All of my courses are designed to give you this.

6. You just wish you could shred and don’t know where to start

The best place to start is by working on your picking technique. Without this, you will be going nowhere! At the same time you want to be developing your legato technique, which is what allows your fretting hand fingers to move around the neck and play certain shapes.

There is no grey area here with what you need to do. Go and grab Badass Alternate Picking and Legato Gym. Then get to work. That’s all you need to know.

7. You don’t know what to practise

If you don’t know what to practice, it’s because you feel overwhelmed. And you definitely don’t have the technique that you want because you’d be playing whatever you wanted to.

So the first priority is to get you focusing on improving your fundamental techniques. Picking, legato, bending, vibrato etc.

As above, you need to visit Badass Alternate Picking and Legato Gym. If you’re comfortable with those techniques then you’re ready for Badass Sweep Picking, Badass Economy Picking and all the rest.

We are unmotivated by disorder and confusion. There is nothing to aim at. Instead, de-clutter your vision and focus on getting your technique to a point where you can play whatever you want.

Then you’ll never need to ask what to practice again.

8. Lack of time / too busy / stressed

If time is a limiting factor then you need to evaluate what you want out of your guitar playing. Identify the most crucial goal. If you want to improve one particular technique then just work on that and forget trying to fit everything else in.

When we are overwhelmed, we become unmotivated because we can’t maintain such an exhausting schedule.

By narrowing our focus into smaller, more defined goals, we hit targets more consistently and feel the reward from doing so, spurring us onward to keep going.

If you feel like your playing sucks as a whole then start with the two most crucial techniques; picking and legato. Get Badass Alternate Picking and Legato Gym. Everything comes from these two things.

9. You feel you started playing too late in life

It doesn’t matter if you started at 10 or 30, you are always able to learn and always able to improve yourself from where you are now. If you’re going to compare yourself unfavourably to a famous guitarist then you’re going to feel like crap.

For example, if somebody began running at the age of 45 then they’re never going to be as fast as Usain Bolt or be as good at long distance as Mo Farah. But they CAN significantly improve upon what they start with.

If you remind yourself that you’re not here to replicate somebody else’s journey, you’re here to take your own, then you are free to improve your own baseline. You will get results.

Remember, our goal is not to be the best. It is just to be better.

And that is something we can ALL do.