Battle Proof Your Guitar Technique and Possess the Guitar Playing Power You’ve Always Wanted!

Are you…

😡 Feeling STUCK in your guitar playing with a technique that doesn’t seem to get better no matter HOW many hours you practice?

😡 Wondering why/how other people seem lucky enough to nail certain techniques like faster picking but you could just never GET IT?

😡 Forcing yourself to practice out of OBLIGATION just so you can maintain what technique you have?

😡 Disappointed with previous guitar lessons because they just gave you licks but were NEVER able to solve your problems?

😡 Wishing that somebody could just show you once and for all EXACTLY what you need to focus on instead of putting the decisions on your shoulders with zillions of possible exercise variations?
Then let me introduce...

The Battleproof Technique Program

The Battleproof Technique Program is a 6 Month interactive course that will take apart your Alternate Picking, Legato, Sweep Picking and Economy Picking techniques and rebuild them from the ground up so they’re stronger than ever! 

This is THE ONLY program out there that gives guitarists the full armoury of essential techniques that not only allows you to sound cleaner, faster and better than ever… but actually makes you more excited to pick up your guitar because you're finally making Legendary Guitar Gains!
🔥 Imagine no longer being held back by your fretting hand and that you’re now enjoying the freedom of feeling your fingers flowing across the neck like water!

🔥 Imagine carving out a fast, flurry of percussive notes in perfect synchronicity as you effortlessly pick a string-spanning run with perfection!

🔥 Imagine laughing internally at the fact that YOU… yes YOU are now performing cascading, sweep picked arpeggios with fluidity and ease!  

🔥 Imagine being part of a Castle full of dedicated guitar Knights who all support each other as they take this epic guitar adventure together. Imagine finding yourself in the most positive, encouraging environment that exists anywhere in the guitar world. A place of no negativity, no judgement – only kick ass support, friendship, admiration, honour and respect. A place where the only result can be progress!

But before we go any further, I want to warn you. This isn’t for everybody! 

This isn’t going to be your typical, boring, straight laced guitar course. 

The Battleproof Technique Program is going to bring you into a different world. 

There’s going to be Weapon Upgrades, Magic Donuts, Hunting Falcons, Wizards… as True Knights of Castle Higgy you’re even going to take over enemy fortresses and expand The Castle Higgy Empire! 

Each week we focus on a particular area of study to craft your technique into an Impenetrable Fortress just like Castle Higgy itself! 

Here is the adventure that awaits you when you decide to invest in the Battleproof Technique Program…

Waves of Poseidon

If you’ve always struggled with fingers that won’t do what you want them to do, then you absolutely need a better legato technique! From blues to metal to jazz, it's the bedrock of everything.
A guitarist with no legato ability is like a car with no tyres. Everything looks okay until you start trying to move. It’s gonna sound terrible and you’re not gonna get very far!
Whether you want to rip out some scorching, classic rock style pentatonic hammer-ons or whether you want to whip out some searing scale runs across the fretboard like Satriani, a better legato technique allows you to do that!
This module is going to give you all the skills you need. We’re going to build up your legato abilities so your fingers flow across the neck like water!

Flames of Vulcan

A guitarist who cannot alternate pick is always going to be a slave to Fortune!
A random, haphazard picking approach slows you down and prevents you from ever getting a solid, reliable picking technique!
A solid alternate picking ability means you can play everything from classic riffs that require picking on multiple strings to storming scale runs that span several strings!
In this module we will craft your alternate picking as if it were forged in the flames of the Roman fire god himself!

Wrath of Ares

An ability to sweep pick means that you can play string spanning arpeggios with less energy and fewer movements. This frees you up to play melodies, songs and solos that were previously unplayable.
Whether it’s just a few jazzy licks that require you to blaze through some quick triads or whether you want to go full-on, 'all guns blazing' into neo classical territory, a sweep picking ability means that you’re no longer limited by your picking hand.
Here we will craft your Sweep Picking abilities so you sweep away everything in your path like the God of War!

Spear of Athena

If you believe that economy picking is just for shredders then what if I told you that this technique is widely used in blues, classic rock and jazz?
Economy picking is a super weapon technique that applies the efficient movements of sweep picking to string crossing licks and scale runs. It allows you to go way beyond the tempo limitations of your alternate picking technique and lets you play at tempos that you normally can’t articulate.
That’s why it’s a super power!
In this module the Goddess of Strategy will guide your hands as you slice through your runs with Economy Picking!

Battleproof Knights

When you enter our private, Facebook group you’ll belong to a world of camaraderie, support and friendship where you campaign across the world of Castle Higgy and claim your Legendary Guitar Gains together!

You get LIFETIME access to the Battleproof Knights Facebook group. Words don’t do justice to the long-lasting positive effects of being part of the True Knights of Castle Higgy but when you join us on this adventure, you’ll know for yourself why this is the ONLY place to be to get permanent, effective, Legendary Guitar Gains!

Lord Higgy's Coaching

Upload videos in our private Facebook group and get my direct involvement with your guitar technique as you hone your guitar playing to be the effective weapon it was always meant to be!

I will identify the holes in your guitar technique and set you on the right path to eliminating those recurring problems.

You’ll be getting my undivided attention so I’ll be telling you when, where, how, what and why! #IntelGains

You can upload as many videos as you want and talk to me as much as you want. Compared to having one lesson a week with somebody and having to wait until the next lesson to get guidance and correction, this helps you avoid practicing mistakes and allows you to get it RIGHT, much faster!

You also get the following KILLER BONUSES...

The 9 Performance Boosters

LASER VISION? INNER SOUND SYSTEM? What is this sorcery? The 9 Performance Boosters is an incredible toolkit of techniques and strategies that allow you to make faster progress on the guitar than ever before.

Most of these strategies are completely unheard of and unknown by teachers and other guitarists which is why so many people struggle to build speed and make their technique cleaner and more accurate.

Once you have this toolkit of game changing performance boosters, you’ll always know exactly how to improve your performance of any lick or exercise!

The Expression Techniques

Nothing screams 'amateur' more than a guitar player who has no vibrato and terrible, out-of-tune string bending!

Well, it's your lucky day! You're gonna get 2 courses for FREE with Badass String Bending and Badass Vibrato because every guitarist needs the added sophistication of precise, emotive bending and expressive vibrato! 

These are the definitive, step by step courses on how to develop and get full control of these essential techniques so that you can get the singing, guitar sound of the gods!

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Ben Higgins aka Lord Higgy. I’m a Professional Guitar Instructor and Master of this Castle of Legendary Guitar Gains!
In case you’ve never heard of me **WTF?** here’s why I’m uniquely & firmly qualified to tell you everything you had ever wanted to know about guitar technique.
I have 20+ years of experience in teaching guitar. I have helped hundreds of thousands of guitarists go from struggling with bad guitar technique to playing guitar the way they always wanted. 
I do this because I hate seeing people beating their heads against the wall with their guitar playing, when I know that I can help set them free from their struggles.
There's so much incompetent, incomplete and needlessly complex guitar advice out there right now. I'm here to change that.

What About You?

When you read the success stories below about the results that Castle Higgy achieves ask yourself, “Are any of these people so different to me?”

Of course I already know the answer, but please go ahead.

Because the answer will always be NO - nothing separates you from them! They don’t have any advantage over you, and their results can be yours...just like that.

Ima come right out and say it.

Here’s what you could do instead of investing in the Battleproof Technique Program...

1. Scour YouTube endlessly trying to piece things together from multiple sources

2. Or try taking personal lessons with somebody who knows nothing about diagnosing and correcting guitar technique problems

3. Get stuck in the world of ‘Lick Dealers’ who just throw exercises at you because they don’t know how to help you

4. Get bogged down with ‘The Analysts’ who over complicate everything and stay stuck talking about their problems instead of doing anything about them

But if you do those things you will STILL end up...

1. Confusing yourself even further with all the endless YouTube videos!

2. Wasting thousands of dollars on generic lessons that don’t solve your technical problems! 

3. Overwhelmed with Gazillions of licks that you’ll never learn and no closer to playing any better!

4. Making yourself more depressed than ever, stuck in analytical hell with analysis paralysis!
OR you could choose the Battleproof Technique Program

It can (and WILL) make your guitar technique more incredible than ever without having to slave away through endless exercises, hating every moment and having nothing to show for it…

…so that you can finally become proud and excited by what you hear blazing out of YOUR guitar in as little as 6 months even if you don't think you're a talented or ‘good enough’ guitarist!

So what would it cost to have ALL OF THOSE incredible resources and to secure my time and attention on YOUR guitar playing for 6 whole months?

It's gotta be something like £10,000? £20,000 even?

Hell no.

This is all yours for a ridiculously small investment of £1,495

And if you already have the Mega Badass Bundle, it's even less - only £1,417

When you really think about it, compared to having a guitar technique which allows you to play whatever you want, the cost is practically nothing.

But the real question is this... can you afford NOT to take this opportunity and instead live with the frustration, wishing you'd done something about your guitar technique?

Now that's the REAL cost.

OR you can take the path that allows you to play cleaner, faster and better than ever without having to wade through the swamp of overwhelming Lick Dealers, Analysts and overloading your device with 500 videos you'll never watch and gazillions of tabs you'll never use. 
Your choice!

But... and this is a BIG, Fat Butt… 

Places for this program are Limited. Once they’re gone, they’re GONE!

If you're ready to break free of the Lick Dealers... 

If you're ready to free yourself from Analysis Paralysis...

If you're serious about getting the guitar technique you always wanted then email me and secure your place today!
Castle Higgy Battleproof Technique Program Price Options

One payment of £1,495

or 6 monthly payments of £259 (total £1,554)

For those who already have the Mega Bundle, the options are:

One payment of £1,417

or 6 monthly payments of £246 (total £1,476)
So... True Knight, are you ready to step into the Castle and get the guitar technique you DESERVE?   

If so, email me and secure your place!

Let me answer some questions you might have...

Q. How is the course delivered?

The main course material is delivered via online streaming using my usual course platform. The interactive elements of the program take place in our Battleproof Knights private Facebook group.

Q. I have other commitments in my life. Will I have time to do this?

Yes! As long as you can devote a few hours each week to learning the material and applying yourself to the guitar then you’ll be able to keep up. Even if you do get behind due to work commitments or other factors, you have lifetime access and you’ll be able to catch up in your own time.

Q. Do I need to be at a certain level of technique to take part in this?

The Battleproof Technique Program is about building a strong, reliable foundation of technique – no matter what your current skill level is.

You just need to have some basic dexterity so that you can actually perform hammer-ons, pull-offs and use a guitar pick without it falling out of your grip.

This program is designed to give you the technique you need so it’s not expected that you already have that level of technique. As long as you’ve progressed beyond playing chords and you’re ready to apply yourself to developing the skills you need, then the Battleproof Technique Program is perfect for you!

At the other end of the scale, if you’re an experienced player who’s wanting to properly hone their technique once and for all then this is also perfect for you!

Q. I've done courses before and been disappointed. What makes the Battleproof Technique Program any different?

If you’ve been having your time wasted by Lick Dealers, Analysts and been spammed with endless exercises and outdated, useless advice such as ‘play everything slowly with a metronome and it will eventually get faster’ then it’s no surprise that you’re suspicious of anything else.

Other teachers may be good at playing the guitar… this doesn’t mean they’re good at teaching the guitar. These are two different skill sets and most people don’t know exactly what it takes to develop guitar technique, even if they call themselves teachers. I, on the other hand, specialise in this area and have the results to prove it.

It’s not about the number of licks, it’s not about fancy gimmicks, it’s about real, actionable advice that can be applied by YOU, today.

And the main ingredient those other courses didn't have is ME. I will be there, guiding you towards an epic guitar technique. You get my expertise, my experience and my support for 6 months as you take this journey. 

Not only that, it’s actually FUN. There is nothing out there which turns making guitar gains into an epic adventure which everybody actually enjoys! And you only have to look at what people are saying about their experiences to see that this is completely different to anything you’ve encountered before!

Q. Do I get lifetime access?

You bet your ass you do!

Q. Do I need Facebook to take part in this?

Yes. You will need a working Facebook account so that you can join the Battleproof Knights Facebook group and upload videos to get my tuition. Many people who’ve never used Facebook before create a Facebook account just so they can take part in this program. That’s how valuable they know it is.

Q. I want to join - what do I do next?

Email me at so you can secure your place and let us know which payment option you want to take. 

Q. What if I have more questions about the course?

Email any questions you might have to and we shall answer them!

You can be a spectator… watching everybody else get the technique they want whilst you sit on the sidelines, losing out again…

Or you can decide that ‘enough is enough’ and choose to be the central player in your life and start getting what YOU want!

If you want the results from the Battleproof Technique Program for yourself then step forward and claim your rightful place!