How about 2 genius exercises that get you warmed up SO MUCH QUICKER so you get to the 'improvement zone' in less time than usual?

Plus, it will...

Boost your picking speed!

Improve your string crossing ability!

Make your hammer-ons stronger!

Make your pull-offs quicker!

These two incredibly powerful exercises that I'll share with you also DOUBLE UP as super efficient picking and legato drills.

So if you're low on time but need to somehow improve your guitar technique?

10 minutes of this will not only get your hands hotter than hell...
It will get them faster than the speed of light!
 Comes with free PDF of '5 Powerful and Easy Ways to be a Better Guitar Player' that will instantly raise your game when you apply them!

2 MP4 videos with guitar tab. Total running time approx: 09:44