Learn how to...

Find the right scale to use!

Pick note choices that always sound good!

Make melodies more exciting!

Create picking runs that don't bore your listeners!

Use arpeggios more musically!
 If you're struggling to write your own solos...

You don't know what notes to choose or what scale to use...

Here's a STEP by STEP guide to walk you through the entire process of writing a truly KICK ASS, face f*cking solo!

Say GOODBYE to crappy solos that sound like scale exercises!

Give the middle finger to TUNELESS crap-a-thons that sound like 'Baby's First Guitar Melody!'

Learn how to write EPIC solos that you CAN'T WAIT for people to hear!

Ten Downloadable MP4 videos. PDF & Guitar Pro tab. Three MP3 backing tracks of 'Ilios' solo section. Running time approx 1 hour 14 minutes