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My name is Ben Higgins, aka Lord Higgy and I’m going to give you the fast track to epic guitar gains using battle-tested methods and trend-resistant techniques that work, even if you’ve tried and failed for years

First, you need a Badass Mindset!

A polite, hesitant mindset isn't going to get the job done

What WILL get the job done is grabbing the Tao of Badass Guitar eBook HERE

If you're ready then here's 4 ways you can get a Badass Guitar Technique today...

1. Instantly increase your ACCURACY, STAMINA & SPEED in both hands!  Expect to see results quickly with just 5 minutes per exercise
The Warm Up - Be Battle Ready For Guitar
Go and get The Warm Up - Be Battle Ready For Guitar and use those exercises. The picking exercises alone will beef up your string crossing ability. The fretting hand exercises will level up your fingers so they’re faster, stronger and more consistent
2. Turn Your Picking Hand Into a Weapon with
Supreme Picking Power
The definitive guides to Alternate Picking, Inside Picking, Sweep Picking & Economy Picking! Get immediate access to Supreme Picking Power or if you want the FULL arsenal of techniques....
3. Get the FULL arsenal of techniques with the
Mega Badass Bundle
Alternate Picking, Legato, Sweep Picking, Economy Picking, String Bending and Vibrato are all crucial techniques to any guitar player! If those techniques are on the wish list of ‘things I’ve always wanted to be able to do on the guitar’ then the Mega Badass Bundle gives you ALL the courses in one bundle!
4. Become Legendary with the
Badass Guitar Legends
Imagine how awesome your guitar playing could sound if you cherry picked the best elements from the greatest guitarists that have ever lived!

Imagine the rapid-fire legato trills of Randy Rhoads combined with the furious picking runs of Yngwie Malmsteen, the melodic bending and vibrato of Michael Schenker with the exotic sweep arpeggios of Jason Becker! Combine elements from your favourite players and create the ultimate guitar style by visiting the Badass Guitar Legends
Now that you've seen just 4 ways I can help you get a Badass Guitar Technique, I want to dispel any doubts you have now about whether you're 'good enough' or whether you're 'too old'.

Whether you’re 18 or 60, you can make Massive Guitar Gains whether you think you can or not. It’s just fact. I get to see people doing it all the time.

  I’ve seen retired guys in their mid 50’s finally unlocking legato and enjoying scalar runs in a way they’d almost given up on.

I’ve seen guys with full time jobs and family commitments finally discover how to pick fast even though they’d had a 20 year lay-off from the guitar.

The bottom line is that you CAN get a great guitar technique when you know WHAT to focus on. It’s not magic. There are no tricks.  

I specialise in helping guitarists like you do the following:
Increase picking speed more than you thought possible

Gain finger independence so you can enjoy flowing legato

Develop battleproof hand synchronisation

Play picking runs that cross strings without getting stuck

Sweep pick properly even if you’ve never done it before

Enjoy your practice sessions again

Don’t be misled by the myths of the guitar community that are always put out as ‘advice’. You don’t need to have been playing for 8 hours a day since the age of 10. You just don’t. I certainly never did that.
You also don’t need to be born with ‘talent’ either. It’s the biggest lie told in the world of guitar playing.

I’m working with normal, everyday people like you, who fit in their guitar practice around busy, professional careers and they’re still making Mega Gains on the guitar.
Whether you’re a student in France, an engineer from Texas or a semi-retired doctor in Florida, you have the same innate potential to get a Much Better Guitar Technique than you already have.

So, if there are NO more obstacles between YOU and getting the guitar technique you want, you can give yourself permission to do something about it.

You’re probably here because you’ve seen me on YouTube and wondered if I’m the one to help you. Well, it really depends on what kind of person YOU are.

Are you willing to apply the methods I show you?

Do you appreciate truthful, no-nonsense tuition?

Are you ready to do something about your frustrations?
I know that everything I teach works. But do you know if you’re the kind of person who’s willing to put in the effort?

If you can answer that question, then you’ll know if I’m the guy to help you.

Why all the Knights and Medieval imagery?

Because Knights ride into battle, face their enemy and get the rewards of the victorious. They don’t hide in the corners of guitar forums, whining and bitching about their problems.

When you apply my no-nonsense methods to your guitar playing, you grab your metaphorical sword and fight for the freedom of a badass guitar technique

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